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Collect for us!

We can pay money for old plastic caps - raise money for your school, charity, or just for your self!

Below is a list of caps we can take. Its basically the depth of the cap which is important. Ironically Coca Cola has phased in, and Pepsico is currently phasing in slim caps to save plastic on their 500cl bottles (the small hand sized ones). This is to save plastic and the environment, so good on them, but the caps have a different thread so we can't use them.

Anyway, here is a kind of compreshensive list, and a big picture of some of the caps we can take. If in doubt, get a 1litre bottle of Green Clean, screw the cap on and carefully squeeze to see if some fluid leaks out. If even a tiny bit comes out, we can't use it. You'll get a vocabulary for usable and non-usable caps soon enough, most are the same, apart from the 'different' ones which don't fit.

Call us for more information on 020 7274 8725.

Of course, even if it doesn't raise you a huge amount of money, its still a good thing to do, as it diverts caps from landfill (usually councils say you can't recycle bottle caps).

Do we endorse drinking lots of fizzy drinks? Well, we wouldn't want you buy extra drinks just to get us caps. We don't take a stance on the rights and wrongs of drinking fizzy drinks, though many are of course delicious.

We would however say three brands are particularly good: Ubuntu fair trade cola is a small company that makes fair trade cola, and Ribena Fizzyis part of a giant company that's moved over to 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their caps look great too, so feel free to drink more of these and give us there caps! 'bottle green' brand drinks are also pretty green too...

Weird caps are also cool, from overseas. Anyway, here is a list:


Caps we can take:

bottle green drinks (plastic caps only)
Pepsi (large bottles only, except the small ones purchased before around August 2012)
7Up (large bottles only, except the small ones purchased before around August 2012)
Ubuntu Cola
Lipton Ice Tea
Coca Cola 1 litre + larger
Fanta 1 litre (+ all other Coca Cola Company 1litre + larger)
Mountain Dew
Red Bull
Perfectly Clear
Red Rooster
Lucozade 1 litre (not the small ones)
Jamaican Ginger Beer
Roslyn's Juice
Sun Exotic
Most own brand supermarket 1 litre and larger caps (some of these are slim though, so double check)
Bigga drinks
Brecon Careg mineral water
Ribena Sparkling (ONLY sparkling, their other drinks have a different cap)
Best brand
KX Stimulation Drink
Ribena Sparkling
Lipton Ice Tea
Aqua Pura Water
Rockstar Energy
'Premium Ink' brand re-fill ink
Buxton Water
Harrogate water
Strong Bow Cider
Hildon water
Abbey Well mineral water
Grace 'Aloe' Aloe Vera Drink
Vimto fizzy drinks
Cola Turka
Guarana Antarctica

cap guide

Caps we can not take:

Any Coca Cola small bottle caps -500ml and below (they have a different thread to their large bottles). Coca Cola Company brands include:
- Dr Pepper (in most countries)
- Fanta
- Sprite

Milk bottle caps
Lucozade small
KA Sparkling drinks
innocent smoothie (yummy though they are!)
This is due to the cap being simply the wrong size, or having a different thread.

If in doubt, try a test: Put the cap you wish to test in an empty correct bottle (one from the list on the left) or Green Clean bottle.
Screw it on. then squeeze the bottle - put your ear next to it and hear for an air leak.

If there is no leak, we can use it.




Caps we can take:

Bottle Caps we can use
  Happy collecting!    
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