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CF3 Re-useable lube spray is now Green Oil EcoSpray Lube

Spray convenience, without the PTFE headaches

The CF3 Spray Lube is now longer in product.
The company making one of the essential parts stopped making it.
Further, many mechanics couldn't be bothered to pump up the cap.

We therefore created Green Oil EcoSpray Lube through Kickstarter in 2017:

This page is kept alive as there a lots of CF3s in circulation and people still use them and might like to learn more. The CF3 re-usable lube spray lets you spray Green Oil onto your bike. It can also be used with Green Oil Dry Chain Wax, or Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly.
It uses air pressure rather than harmful propellants:

- No VOCs
- Incredible spray performance
- Easy to use

Why use a CF3?
Every workshop has a spray can these days. Simply, its quick and easy to spray lube onto a bike when servicing it.
However, most spray cans are difficult to recycle and they contain numerous toxic nasties, including PTFE/Teflon.

This is not only bad for 'the environment', but the immediate workshop environment, and therefore your health. Other spray lubes specifically say, 'only use in a well ventilated area' because they are so harmful. Yet, in most workshops, the windows cannot be open all the time - it would get cold.
So staff in bike workshops breath in isobutane, PTFE, airborn petrochemicals and it's not good.

The CF3 however is different.


Firstly, it doesn't use CFCs, which damage the ozone layer, but in reality these are never used today anyway, and have been replaced by other propellant gases. The CF3 uses natural air pressure. Air pressure is created by pumping the cap up and down around 25 times for a good long spray. When the pressure runs out, you can pump up again.

Secondly, its re-usable. The top unscrews so you can re-fill it with Green Oil again and again.

Thirdly, you can take it on a plane unlike other spray lubes. It's also just 100ml. We don't want to promote flying too often, with the climate change in mind of course, but unlike other aerosols, you can take your CF3, unpressurised on a jet. Under most authorities, if it contains less than 100ml you could even take it in your hand luggage.

Fourthly, the contents are green. Other spray lubes have a toxic combination of petrochemicals, Teflon and propellant gas. These things are potentially even more harmful when airborne - the result of the aerosol spray. The CF3 however can be used with our award winning, eco friendly Green Oil Wet Chain Lube formula.
CF3 can also be filled with Green Oil Dry Chain Wax, or our degreaser with 30ml water. The 30ml water dilutes the thick gel and turns it into a degreasing foam when sprayed.

The CF3 is practical, simple, good for the environment, and good for your health.
Get your local bike shop to replace their toxic spray can today!

NB You can now order the CF3 Power Pack - a straw fitting for the CF3 can for more accurate spraying.
Click here for more

How to fill your CF3

1. Remove the cover cap
2. Unscrew the collar (shown below in red) of the spray unit, and remove the spray unit.
3. Pour in your fluid*
4. Screw the spray unit back on

CF3 reusable lubricant spray diagram

*If using Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly, we recommend 70ml Clean Chain, 30ml water. You can just pour in the whole bottle in, then half fill the Clean Chain bottle with water. Shake it up (to make sure you get all the Clean Chain out and your money's worth) and pour the contents in to the CF3.
This is important as Clean Chain on its own is very thick.

How to use your CF3

1. Push the cover cap up and down 10 - 50. This creates air pressure inside the unit
2. Point the spray (little yellow dot) away from you, and towards the target (hopefully your bike, not a cat or your little sister!).
3. Push the button

You get around 30 seconds to 1 minutes worth of spray for 10-20 pumps - this is really a long time, as most spray applications are in short bursts. Pumping the cap up and down is quick and easy, and probably good exercise.

How is the Green Oil CF3 green?

The Earth

- Its re-usable - less packaging going to land fill.
- No harmful propellant gases are used.
- It doesn't cause air pollution - safer for your lungs, and the environment .

Recycling information

The CF3 spray is a re-usable product, so we wouldn't expect you to throw it away. If you do though, here are the recycling codes. The CF3 should last a really really long time, so if one does break, bring it to us at a trade show, and we'll see what we can do.

CF3 re usable lube spray





  Dirt Magazine logo

'...Fantastic product, makes workshop life easier...’

- We had a nice phone call from the head of workshops for the cycling holiday company Saddle Skedaddle. Steve Woods was so impressed, he just wanted to say thanks and give his endorsement to the CF3!




  Dirt Magazine logo

…this high-pressure spray bottle that uses air pressure, simply pump it up, using the lid, to disperse the fluid within...

…Green Oil offers the best and most ecologically friendly products around…

- IMBike Mag, Issue 21, page 113







'Try the amazingly
brilliant idea '

- Review by Click for the full review





 awawrd - 4/5 stars


...To my surprise, the pressure doesn't wane and converted a solvent based lube into a really nifty one-does all for cables, cleat mechanisms and pivot points. Arguably the quickest way of lubing the chain...

- Review by Click for full review





  Triathlete's World Kit Zone award

'...Green Oil has made cycling even more eco-friendly with this revolutionary CF3 spray...'

- Kit Zone approval and recommendation in Triathletes World 'Concise Gear Guide', May 2011.





'...The CF3 is a re-fillable, re-useable unit accessible to most riders and shop owners at a reasonable retail price of just £6.99. The CF3 is great for work shops...'

- Click for full review on




....good for your bike, and the environment...

- Recommendation in Triathlete's World magazine Kit Zone, in the Concise Gear Guide. DEcember 2010, p.53.




'A good alternative to silicone spray to make shiny things'.

- Review by Velozine.NL




...Operation is very simple: after filling the container with lube or cleaner, screw the spray nozzle back on then place the plunger unit over the nozzle and pump it up and down several times. You'll need to experiment with how much to pump before there's sufficient air pressure, but just give it a go!

Review on Click for full review



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